Blocked Sewer

My sewer is backed up. I tried clog remover products and we also used a drain cable to clean the main drain. It took all 100 feet of the cable and the drain is still backed up. Might the problem be in the local authorities main drainpipe? What else can I do?

When you have run a main line cable down your drain and it is still backing up, it is time for a camera inspection. Many times, when people rent drain cleaning equipment, they break through the clog, but don’t remove all of the roots. It takes an experienced engineer to do a thorough job. The roots simply grow back again or fall back into place because they were just moved aside by the cleaning equipment and not cut out. Pipes need to have all of the roots scraped off of the full interior diameter of the pipe and pushed out to the main drain. It is possible that the main is backing up but not as likely as what I’ve described above. In addition, if you have roots in your piping, I would have a professional run a video inspection camera down your line and the two of you can examine the condition of the piping by looking at the video monitor. Many people resist paying the extra money for the camera inspection, but you will learn the exact condition of the piping, any damage caused by roots and how much longer your pipes will last. Just remember the drainpipe in your garden is your responsibility, it doesn’t belong to the local authority.

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Blocked Sewer

Facebook Whatsapp Instagram My sewer is backed up. I tried clog remover products and we also used a drain cable to clean the main drain.

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